Big Dance

  • With support from People Dancing and the Mayor of London, from the 7th to the 15th July 2012 this huge event brought together people from a huge variety of locations to celebrate dance with over 3,5000 different events.

  • Their sense of achievement in learning the routine will without doubt give them increased confidence when it comes to their academic learning.

    — Lisa Leblonde, Teacher, Malmesbury Primary School
  • We worked with six schools in the London borough of Tower Hamlets giving them the opportunity to take part in a world record attempt, increased excitement and ‘buzz’ around dance at their school, to work and share their success with neighbouring schools in the borough, to work with professional dance artists and to learn a routine from a well known choreographer and work together towards a fun and active challenge they could all be proud of.


    Lead artist Francesca Gkotski worked with each of our six cluster schools to ensure that they not only learnt the dance choreography but that they were able to take part in the synchronised performance across the country. The lead up to the performance and the dance itself was captured on video by David Darch.

    Designed to encourage the creativity and freedom of dance, it formed a larger part of the overall 2012 Big Dance programme and was a fun yet educational activity for all of the children who were involved.

  • About Big Dance

    Big Dance was set up in 2006 with a view of bringing dance to the whole of the UK. Every other year when the Big Dance festival is held a different pledge is made.

    The aims of Big Dance include:

    · To put the spotlight on the dance industry 
    · To create a vibrant showcase for emerging talent in dance 
    · Inspire new audiences with events 
    · Bring together communities with dance 
    · Increase the knowledge of dance around the UK 

    Over the 10 years that it has been in place, Big Dance has become the biggest dance festival in the world and has been seen as a key part of the cultural make-up of the UK. 

    Big Dance will be holding another celebration during 2016 so if you want to get involved, or simply learn more about what Big Dance do then visit their website. 

    Thanks for visiting Big Dance

  • The project was delivered in such a way that many boys who would not have engaged in dance so willingly were inspired and determined to learn the choreography.

    — Teacher, Wellington Primary School
  • We take great pride in inspiring young people to achieve their full potential whether through dance and visual arts or coding and robotics.

    We devise projects that we are passionate about and deliver them in a way that fosters confidence, self esteem and a love of learning in everyone that we work with.

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