Answers to your questions
  • Do you cover PPA?

    Yes. PPA is one of our most popular programmes as it provides fantastic value for money. We provide a creative, specialist solution to a statutory requirement.

    What subjects/areas of learning do you cover?

    We can provide specialist practitioners in the following disciplines:

    Music, dance, drama, digital media (including photography & animation), film, visual arts and computing (including coding, robotics, and e-safety)

    Do you offer short term projects?

    Yes. We can provide the following:

    Project based learning
    Topic based projects
    Transition projects
    Family workshops
    Student leadership projects including Arts Award programmes (all 5 levels)
    Holistic studies (including mindfulness, yoga & tai-chi)
    Entrepreneurship, environment and community cohesion (including ‘green projects’ and permaculture)

    How much will it cost?

    All of our projects are designed to fit your needs and priorities therefore it is difficult to answer this question before we have an initial consultation with you. We would be happy to have a meeting with you to establish what you need and give you an idea of what we can offer your school.

    Are there any discounts for multi bookings?

    Yes! If you book a series of annual programmes or a cluster of schools book together, you will receive a discount.

    What age groups do you work with?

    We offer programmes for reception and upwards. We work with foundation stage, primary, secondary, special schools, colleges and adults.

    Do you offer training for teachers?

    Yes we do. We can offer small group, whole staff training, mentoring and school conference presentations.

    What geographical areas do you cover?

    We work mainly in the wider London area especially for long term programmes. However, we would be willing to discuss options with schools outside of the London area. Do get in touch to discuss further. We are in the process of currently designing a programme for schools in the regions.

    Do you only work in schools?

    No. A Little Learning is a collective of freelance educators that work with a range of organisations, venues, companies and schools.

    How do you ensure the quality of delivery?

    All of our educators are experienced professionals who work regularly with children and young people. Every practitioner is mentored and supported by our team of managers. We ensure we match a professional to the right setting and we work with the school/organisation to ensure that the client is happy with the delivery

    Why should a school engage with A Little Learning?

    A Little Learning offers a varied specialist programme that supports the school curriculum. We cover a wide range of disciplines and the enthusiasm of our practitioners will inspire your young people and staff.

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