Arts Award

  • Arts Award in Schools Kickstarter Programme

    Creative Schools Programme / ELCEP / 2016-17

    This programme is specialised support designed for creative and innovative schools to run the arts award qualifications for their students strategically using their (existing or new) engagement with arts, heritage and cultural organisations, projects and partnerships. It is designed to complement the Creative Schools and other similar programmes.

  • What is Arts Award?

    Arts Award is a set of portfolio based qualifications designed to help children and young people grow as artists and arts leaders, inspiring them to connect with and take part in the wider arts world.

    It is a flexible learning  framework and provides a structure for progression and achievement.

    Arts Award is complementary and different to Artsmark.

    Engage with this programme if you are:
    • Looking for a framework that engages children and  encourages review and reflection, involves meta-cognition and self-regulation, develops a number of transferable skills linked to attainment in all subjects.
    • Looking to adopt a strategic approach to creative projects.
    • Looking to develop leadership, reflection & creativity in your students and support their development and well being.
    • Looking to make links with other schools and add value to existing provision.
  • The Challenge

    Arts Award is an evidence/portfolio based qualification. Your school likely offers a range of activities that would qualify towards it. What’s often missing is the time, know-how and  specialised experience to plan, embed and deliver it.

    This programme is designed to complement existing provision and to provide support to enable schools to run Arts Award directly using the resources provided by the programmes they engage with. We will work with designated members of staff in your school to get them started and upskill them during the process.

  • The Programmes
    Cluster Kickstarter

    This is a programme for schools relatively new to Arts Award, budget conscious and interested in joining forces with other local schools; sharing practice, resources and cost. It will be better suited to primary schools engaging with Discover and Explore levels or Secondary schools running Explore/Bronze. We will also offer advice on suggested ways to cut costs, join moderations and ways to raise funds and use existing activity.

    Cluster Jumpstarter

    This is a programme for schools that have run Arts Award in the past but perhaps struggled with workload and  wish to implement systems to simplify the process, embed within creative strategy. It will be of interest to budget conscious schools interested in joining forces with other local schools in a similar position and sharing practice, resources and cost. It will be better suited to primary schools engaging with Discover and Explore levels or Secondary schools running Bronze. It will also be relevant to schools that are thinking of applying for Artsmark.

    The cluster programmes have been designed to support schools deliver Arts Award and also where applicable work towards Artsmark in a cost effective way. These programmes will be delivered in clusters of five schools that will share the cost, work together, get an opportunity to see what other schools do and become part of a network.

    What you will receive:
    • Step by step guidance with an experienced adviser to plan, devise, deliver and achieve the award in way that is tried and tested.
    • A set of tools and templates for you to use in delivery.
    • A logbook/resource made for your setting and your students to use.
    • Practical tips to make the process easy and successful.
    • All the paperwork completed for you.
    • The official assessment and moderation/certification taken care of.
    Example Cost:

    Discover Level Cluster programmes (five schools)


    Note: assessment/moderation/certification costs per student increase per level.