Around Cann Hall in 80 Frames

Around Cann Hall in 80 frames is an initiative to collect 80 images of the Cann Hall Ward in E11 and create a space online to share them.

It launches on the 8th July 2021 and submissions will close 80 days after on the 26th September 2021.

This project has elements of a photography competition as with the help of professional photographers we will select 80 images but most importantly it is about community, connection and locality.

You can engage with this programme as a photographer of any age of experience or as an audience.

We will be providing tips and inspiration for those of you that will engage as amateur photographers throughout the 80 day period.

Sign up below to be kept in the loop as a viewer and to receive details on how to submit your photos as well as guidance if you’re interested in submitting.

The collection will go live between October-December 2021.

This project is imagined and curated by us A Little Learning  , is part of the #cultureinflux programme and funded by the LBWF.

to get involved as an audience member or an amateur photographer


What format do I need?

You will be asked to upload your image in this format: high quality JPG. Aim for 2-5MB per photo please

Is location important?

Glad you asked. Super Important! The image needs to be taken within Cann Hall Ward (See map below for boundaries)

What can I take a photograph of? 

Well, that’s up to you. It could be Cann Hall people, Cann Hall landscapes, Cann Hall action sports, Cann Hall food, Cann Hall secret gems. Think of this as Cann Hall captured in this moment in time. The 2021 version! 

I’m not an experienced photographer; do you have some tips?

Of course! We will create guides and post videos on this page  to help you.

How many images can I upload?

MAXIMUM of 5 but we recommend no more than 3. Choose your best ones!

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